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New York showroom:

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Liberty Windoors - PerfectLine

All lines Perfectline Extruded profiles are exclusively for calcium-zinc stabilizers. Therefore do not contain lead stabilizers.


  • 5-chamber system with a depth of construction (frame width) of 70 mm ensures the protection of heat at a very high level: When using a glass standard (Us = 1.0 or 1.1 W/m2K) we obtain for the whole window heat transfer coefficient U = 1.2 to 1.3 W/m2K. Using glass with an even lower coefficient of thermal transmittance, it is even possible to achieve U <1.0 W/m2K. (The calculations carried out in accordance with DIN EN 10077, the values of “U” refer to the window dimensions. 1230 x 1480 mm, which is an area of 1.82 m2).   


  • U Value Whole Window  (Europe)  1.1 w/m2k  =  (USA)  0.19

  • U Value Whole Frame (Europe) 1.2 w/m2k = (USA) 0.21

  • U Value Whole Glass (Europe) 1.0 w/m2k = (USA) 0.17

  1. The applicability of the glass with a thickness of 14 to 42 mm without the need for additional profiles.

  2. External wall thickness ≥ 2.8 mm profile, parameters of the highest standards of RAL - "Class A" (BS 3.12608).

  3. Chain of two external seals to ensure a good seal, soundproofing and thermal insulation. Gasket surfaces targeted with a drop of 15 degrees (same as profile) - allow for excellent water drainage and pollution.

  4. Proven steel reinforcements for excellent static, long-term behavior of a window and burglar-proof security. The frame is designed to strengthen the chamber closed, steel, whereas in the wing - for strengthening the open double-wavy (solution unique in the art of window). Opportunity to build the wings with a width of 1500 mm without additional safeguards.

  5. Design of classical optics and balanced proportions. Soft, neutral appearance and external contours fit virtually any elevation. Profiles suitable for bending arcs. The applicability of one of the three transoms: internal, external or separating an adhesive structure of the window.

  6. Low profile total amount of lateral wings and frame of only 118 mm provides greater surface glazing and excellent interior lighting.

  7. Sure mounting hardware in the sash and frame for a few wall profiles, including a hardware intrusion.

  8. In the frame of possible additional fastening hardware and installation of load-bearing elements to having a closed section of the strengthening of steel.

  9. Smooth, easy to clean and needs no maintenance surface profiles made from high quality PVC - a material subject to 100% recyclable.

  10. 13-millimeter axle fitting notch provides a solid protection against tampering or removing windows.
    Some.12 glass embedded in the profile to a depth of 24 mm reduces condensation of water vapor on the glass and makes the window harder to force the unwanted guests.

  11. Seals in the color "gray" or "caramel" to finish off the match profiles - argue the aesthetics of the windows.

  12. Using a suitable glazing system enables the fulfillment of the conditions for a 6-class sound insulation; noise suppression is reaching 50 dB


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