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New York showroom:

New Jersey showroom:


Liberty Windoors - Wood



Single-frame window made of three-ply joined square timber, painted with RAL opaque or translucent paint from the catalogue of standard translucent colors. Sharp edges of window leaves and frames, wider gasket assembled at the leaf.




Standard profile
Single-frame structure, made of three-ply longitudinally joined square timber,
68 mm frame

Windows manufactured in any shape and dimensions requested by our customers

Material: Pine, meranti or oak.

Acoustic insulation: Acoustic insulation of standard windows amounts to Rw=32-39dB (depending on a selected glazed unit)


Heat transmission resistance for windows of 68 mm profile:


Heat transmission coefficient Uw: 1,31 - 1,42 W/m2K.

Glazing: two-pane set, one-chamber 4/16Ar/4 set, one-chamber

Pane’s thermal insulation – Neutralux Argon Ug = 1.1 W/m2k
Inter-sheet space filled with argon.
Heat transition coefficient available up till 0,7 W/m2
The maximum glazed unit amounts to 40 mm
Standard spacer bar
Another option: “warm edge” spacer bar manufactured by ODER-GLAS in a color matching the window color




Standard option: WinkHaus Autopilot multi-point locking fitting with micro ventilation and anti-burglar fastening system. The window leaf is equipped with one mushroom head bolt in a standard option.

Other options include WinkHaus Autopilot fitting of the increased security class:

Wk with four mushroom head bolts installed in a window leaf as well as Wk2 with seven mushroom head bolts in a window leaf.

Additional accessories: handle hydraulic block system, window stop, gradual tilt-in function, balcony latch, micro ventilation

Opening modes: C (casement windows), T (tilt-in windows), T&T (tilt-and-turn windows)


RAL paint colors: opaque or translucent paint (showing timber structure) from the catalogue of standard translucent colors. Standard option – one color selected for both internal and external side of the window. Four-coat system; preservative treatment and three-times coating




As one of the few companies in Poland we use two gaskets in a window leaf which combined with the timber profile and high quality glass ensure precise insulating and an ideal protection against noise. The gasket color matches the color of the window frame and leaf.


Drip cap:


ALURON aluminum drip cap in RAL colors matching window colors as well as white, gold, silver, brown and olive. Another option: aluminum drip cap masked with timber.




Perennator silicone, translucent in a standard option.


Other options:


Silicone colors matching the timber color: white, cream and white, grey and white, transparent grey, light grey, grey, silver and grey, concrete and grey, jasmine, light oak, dark oak, pine brown, ochre brown, medium brown, deer brown, chocolate brown, dark brown, black.




Hoppe standard handle in white, antique gold or black.


Lockable handle (with key) in white, silver and antique gold.

Hoppe Secustic handle in white, silver and antique gold.

Warranty: 7 years of warranty



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