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Liberty Windoors - Wood



System GEMINI of ALURON is an innovative system applied in production of wood and aluminum windows:

  • innovative construction of a window made in the system GEMINI is based on an idea of a certain combination of two independent frames: wooden and aluminum

  • aluminum profiles of GEMINI system owing to their thicker walls, developed, chamber construction and use of solid, metal angles they certainly acquire greater stiffness

  • thoroughly considered construction of the system elements makes installation easy, simple and technically secure

  • no need for painting makes aluminum and wood windows extremely easy to maintain – they do not require painting on external side and from the inside they make a natural feeling in the interior, and at the same time fulfills the insulation and construction function

  • variety owing to appropriate construction – we managed to implement various demanding construction variants with only one wood section

  • excellent wood protection - combination of wood and aluminum, due to the external aluminum profile, provides absolute safe and durable protection from environmental factors


We offer three variants of systems for aluminum and wood windows:

  • GEMINI Classic

  • GEMINI Linear

  • GEMINI Soft Line




  1. Silicon sealed

  2. Combined glass ensures cold weather resistance K=0,6-1,1 W/m2K.

  3. Two seals in the sash ensure precise insulation and together with the wooden profile and high quality glass they give ideal protection against noise.

  4. Milling for the inner sill.

  5. Milling for the outer sill.


The traditional wooden profile, thanks to the introduction of the most modern three-layer glued wood technology and the coverage with high quality GORI varnish gives our windows very high rigid ness and durability. The aluminum board with a drain channel and a thermal pad preserves the bottom edge of the frame against disadvantageous weather conditions whilst the highest quality WINKHAUS envelope ferrules which ensure the pleasure of usage for many years.



New York showroom:

718-821-2188  alt: 718-821-2203

New Jersey showroom:


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